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Pete Venters is great at capturing the mood of a moment with strong characterizations, and this really comes through in Massacre. A Tweezerman? A periodontal probe? Macabre Waltz is dynamic, nauseating, and funny at the same time, which is fitting since it reminds me of Dancing With the Stars.

Faces of Death (1978)

Village Cannibals is too much fun because of the point of view. So that is that. Please post in comments! IgniteYourSpark pic. There are some hilarious photos, ranging from serious cosplay action to dudes doing sexy online dating stares at point-blank range. Also: planeswalker cats, dogs, and Vorthoses submitting original characters. BFI Reuben Library.

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Read research data and market intelligence. Updated: 25 July Today, Bad Timing still divides audiences: monstrosity or masterpiece? Well, watch it and decide for yourself. Directors Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell.

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A group of nuns open a makeshift convent in the foothills of the Himalayas but soon find their vows challenged in this new, exotic environment. It is a work of extraordinary power and passion from Powell and Pressburger. Rex Harrison and Constance Cummings are great as the husband and second wife, but the funniest turns come from Kay Hammond as the spoilt first wife and Margaret Rutherford as the batty medium.

When Ricky Walters is released from prison he soon finds himself drawn back into old ways, while trying protect his brother Curtis Luke Fraser from the advances of a local gang. The world watches the first manned flight to Mars, unaware the mission is being faked.

Forced to participate, the astronauts realise that when the hoax goes wrong, their existence threatens national security. In desperation, they escape…. Its freewheeling, playful spirit still captures the imagination of new audiences today.

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It was also hailed as an influential female buddy movie by critic Jonathan Rosenbaum who wrote that many women consider it to be their favourite film about female friendship, and many men too. Within lavish, expressive sets, the teenage heroine begins to discover her sexuality and its dark, unsettling power. Wolves become human, humans become wolves. Today, it has become a timeless classic, which is studied by film scholars and adored by film fans alike. If you like your fairy tales to have teeth, this is the film for you.

Indignity is a theme and, for Pitt, a reality: her role was dubbed, and she never spoke to director Peter Sasdy again.

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When the USA and Russia simultaneously test atomic bombs, the Earth is knocked off its axis and set on a collision course with the sun. Peter Stenning Edward Judd , a washed-up Daily Express reporter, breaks the story and sets about investigating the government cover-up. With strong performances Leo McKern is a standout , a vivid depiction of the world of newspaper journalism and extensive location shooting on the streets of London, Val Guest delivers one of the best British sci-fi films. Beverly falls in love with her, and a schism develops between the brothers for the first time.

Highly original and insightful in its narrative details, and directed with an impressively cool, almost mechanical precision, the film was greeted as a breakthrough in Greek filmmaking. Peter Greenaway became a director of international status with this witty, stylised and erotic country house murder mystery.

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  4. Extravagant costumes, a twisting plot, elegantly barbed dialogue and a mesmerising score by Michael Nyman make the film a treat for ear, eye and mind. Most importantly the film shows a unique talent getting to grips with narrative cinema that is as engaging and alluring as it is baffling and perplexing. A close-knit gang of professional thieves plan an intricate heist but begin to turn on each other when things go wrong.

    To her surprise, the jukebox plays an old German tango and a handsome young Moroccan El Hedi ben Salem asks her to dance….

    The untold truth of Faces of Death

    No wonder Fitzcarraldo remains such an overwhelming experience. Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley died age 63 of a suspected heart attack on December 6. He told fans: "This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, is tell you my brother Pete Shelley had a heart attack this morning and passed away. The creative cartoonist passed away at the early age of 57 on November He passed away from lung failure after inhaling food according to his death certificate.

    Geoffrey Hayes , star of iconic children's show Rainbow, died aged 76 on October 1. The TV presenter's manager Phil Dale said the star passed away "from pneumonia" in hospital surrounded by his family. Chas Hodges died in his sleep after losing a cancer battle on September He had suffered a heart attack and died in Florida surrounded by his family.

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    Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King died at home in Nashville, Tennessee aged 68 after losing a cancer battle on 22 August The porn star wife of Korn's lead singer, Jonathan Davis, died aged 39 on August Her husband is said to have filed a restraining order on her the same day her body was found. Deven had battled with drug addiction and substance abuse for over 20 years.

    Soul legend Aretha Franklin died from cancer following an eight-year battle on August Morgana King , the accomplished jazz singer best known for her portrayal in the Godfather movies, died in March but her death wasn't reported until August 15, The American singer-songwriter , best known for being a member of indie rock band The Shins, died aged 41 on July 3. Canadian rapper Smoke Dawg was " killed in a drive-by shooting " in Toronto on June The patriarch of the Jackson family , including Michael Jackson, died on June 27, Jackson produced the Jackson 5, the King of Pop in son Michael, and also helped his daughter Janet sell over million records worldwide.

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