Booking practical driving test by phone

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Hi John, It depends on the test centre as they all have different schedules. The best thing to do is to check online to ensure your test booking is in the DVSA system.

Please see: Check driving test date. Can I book 2 driving test dates 10 days apart, just incase I fail the first one. I could then cancel the 2nd one if I pass first time, this would cut down my waiting time,. So the reason you cannot book is because all test slots have been filled till that date unless a cancellation is made.

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Until another test centre is found, the closest to book your test is at Crawley Driving Test Centre. Hi My partner has to take the extended test and it comes up lanark does that so I need to check they definitely do before booking. Most test centres offer extended driving tests, but sometimes they might not have any slots available on the system so you would need to get in touch with DVSA Customer Support to arrange something.

Hi Jeanette, Yes, you can find out more on the check a driving test page.

Booking a licence test online

Check Driving Test Time and Date. Because you are using an outdated version of MS Internet Explorer.

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  5. For a better experience using websites, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Home Book a Driving Test. Learner Driver. Driving Test Tips. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. No matter how serious your disability might be you still have to take the same driving test as every other test candidate.

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    Special provision may be made for people with a hearing difficulty, physical disability or learning difficulty to allow additional time to be allocated. This ensures the examiner has time to communicate with candidates with hearing difficulties using written notes, with the aid of lip reading or sign language — with an interpreter if necessary , has time to discuss any physical disability and adaptations that may be needed and has time to discuss any special requirements that would help to overcome learning difficulties or special educational needs.

    The additional time allocation would also allow the pupil to take a break during the course of the test if, for example, fatigue is an issue. Extra time allocation does not mean the test candidate will be driving for any longer or doing any additional tasks but merely allows extra time at the start of the test and allows for the possibility of taking a break part way through the test if it is necessary. Best because there'll be less traffic, or more traffic and therefore an easier test route.

    When I booked my first test, I made the mistake of choosing a time that I thought would let me get plenty of sleep, have a leisurely breakfast and get in an hour's practice before hand.

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    • Find a specialist driving instructor.

    Those things are important, sure, but I didn't once consider how the time would affect my actual test. Although it can vary from centre to centre, the driving test times are usually: I can't tell you the best time for taking the driving test, but I can give you some pointers to apply to your own area. That's bad if the only route is through the town centre and you're not too hot on clutch control, but good if it means your examiner is likely to take you on an easier route, outside of the centre.

    Not to help you out, you understand - to make sure you don't get stuck in traffic, which doesn't show how you really drive and risks them getting off schedule. Nice and quiet in town - good if you know you'll be taking a central route but bad if you'd rather avoid the town centre. Your driving instructor is going to know things like this, so ask them before you book your test slot - it's no good picking the nearest one if it's going to throw you on the day.

    Lunch time traffic easing off - so it could be quiet enough for your examiner to take you into town but still quite busy. Less traffic, so if you're nervous about that one-way system in the middle of town, avoid.

    Book your driving test

    I've done tests at 9. The 9. It is SUCH a bummer to fail your test and then find out the next test slot is in 2 months.

    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone
    Booking practical driving test by phone

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