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Those days are gone.

11. Jeep Grand Cherokee

No one carmaker is a safe haven any longer. All have made some real stinkers, some more so than others, but there was a time when cars were a lot less complex, when parts were not made in China, Malaysia, Vietnam or some other third world factory paying starvation wages in a corporate race to the bottom.

They must hold and do everything a tiny, mobile cabin can plus move my wife and I across distant rough country. They have proved worthy of sinking that kind of money into because the VQ40DE 4. Parts and after-market upgrades have never been a problem for me and are unlikely to be for years to come. How to buy a used one? This is not a cheap fix but an essential one on all vehicles with high mileage. Especially if you intend to keep healthy for very long. If you hear rattling and rasping get it replaced.

Do it NOW. Or park it till you can afford the fix. The 4. Lubrication has come a long way since Whatever you decide, always have a first rate 4x4 mechanic check it out before you put down cash. It's worth the little extra even if you walk away.

New Cars To Avoid: Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Xterra And More

Off the subject a little, a Suzuki Grand Vitara is the closest thing to an affordable, bullet-proof, used SUV with real 4x4 capability for offroad and backroad travels you can find. I especially prefer the gutsy little 4 cylinder or the 3. Suzuki still builds them in Japan and markets them almost everywhere but North America. They are loved for their reliability and their freedom from costly repair.

Too bad they are a bit small for our overlanding needs but we love GV for day to day life in the bush. I bought my 06 2 wheel drive auto Xterra back in It was at 90k when I bought it. It is now at , So far I have replaced the brake pads twice, rotors, etc, headlights once, oil changes, tires, and the fan speed switch twice.

Those are all minor and expected. But here is the bad the tranny fluid mixed with my anti-freeze last year. Any company that knows they have a major problem like this should fix it! Shame on you Nissan for doing nothing!! So far it is still running. It's been a year now with no noticeable issues. The other issue is the front wheel bearings. They are the most expensive bearings I ever had to purchase.

Thank goodness I do all my own repairs. Otherwise it would be sitting in my yard dead. It is a love hate relationship with this SUV. If you buy one make sure it has been bypassed. Maybe I'm lucky, but it's been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Practically everything is still original on the truck. I've read the bad reviews and I feel bad for people, especially women or moms who have experienced costly repairs with their Xterra.

Nissan should have told every owner about the common radiator and timing chain issues. If I could offer some advice it would be to research the vehicle on internet forums before buying. With regard to Xterras, perhaps people should stay away from '05 to '08 Xterras unless the owner had recently changed out the radiator and changed the timing chain, guides and tensioners. And if you're going to buy used make sure the vehicle had basic maintenance done to it. I have written records for every fluid change, tire rotation, etc.

Apparently, by Nissan had corrected the radiator and timing chain issues. I'm still on my original timing chain, but I'm always listening for 'whining' noises from the front end that would tell me the chain is about to go. The key to a long lasting timing chain is regular oil changes, every 5k to 7k miles. My Xterra doesn't leak oil, doesn't use oil and the transmission is as smooth as the day I bought it. The Xterra is a great truck and I hate it that Nissan has failed its customers with not being more forthcoming about known problems.

I bought my Nissan Xterra new. Around 15k miles the timing chain failed and failed another 4 times before being repaired. I love the car, but all of the repairs, including the part causing coolant to enter the transmission, are a constant source of emotional and financial distress. Then there is Nissan - I recently took the car to a dealer that told me car was totaled. To shorten the story I phoned an engineer friend and ended up driving the car home. I am of the opinion they tried to steal my car and get me in a new one. I have also had dealers switch new parts off my car and replace with a part from some old car.

And yes, it is true, there are 2 class action lawsuits involving this vehicle. Nissan refuses to help owners and address known defects. The Xterra, besides its terrible mileage, is my dream car. I love being able to sit up high, I hate drive sedans. I love that it's not a huge SUV. I love loading music gear or the dog crate in the back and road tripping.

I bought my Xterra in and drove it until I blew the head gasket near the start of a trip from NY to CA, in It had almost K miles and I decided not to fix it. It had been treated more roughly, so when I got to CA I found a good shop to go over everything. I got very, very lucky with the leaky radiator problem. The shop identified the oily coolant and knew the transmission fluid mixing had started.

They replaced the radiator and cleaned up the system. They also documented their diagnosis so completely that I actually got a check from the class action suit! In , I had to replace the radiator again. NOT good, Nissan! I have stayed in love with the truck. Back in NY, I have over K miles on it. XTerras typically come equipped with anti-lock braking systems, front and side airbags, and stability control.

You can also find models with other valuable safety features like hill-descent control, for the person likes getting off the road more traveled.

Safety features and crash-test ratings aside, the Nissan XTerra also offers a powerful V-6 engine, capable of up to horsepower. The rugged XTerra is typically considered an old-school SUV that is designed to go off-road, has the power and grit to handle any situation.

2015 Nissan Xterra

Despite testing well for safety and having a wealth of safety features available, the larger engine will garner higher insurance costs, especially for a newer driver. With its off-road selling point, the XTerra is an SUV that will usually land somewhere in the middle for auto insurance prices. Also, the Nissan XTerra is not known for its fuel economy.

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Again, it does offer great versatility for off-road and has great storage space, but if you are looking to save money on insurance and gas, it may not be the best option in its class. Reliability is also a major concern for both consumers and insurance providers. Again, it is all about the risk factor.

12222 Nissan Frontier

If a vehicle has consumer review issues and is not considered reliable, you may see elevated insurance prices. According to J. Power and Associates , the XTerra received moderately high marks in quality, but below average marks for performance and design. As far as SUVs go, the. As far as SUVs go, the XTerra is a solid choice for safety and reliability, as well as moderately priced insurance.

The XTerra is not the cheapest SUV to insure, but it does fall into the average category for insurance. The prices vary greatly because the cost to insure will also depend on the style that you drive. The basic Xterra models will be cheaper to insure. Many insurance companies will increase premium costs based on the market value of a vehicle. If an expensive vehicle is damaged and a claim is filed, it will cost the insurance company more money to either fix or replace the vehicle. You can also keep in the mind the type of transmission.

How to Find the Best Nissan XTerra Car Insurance

This is especially important for the XTerra because of its off-road capabilities. You must consider a few other factors before making your final decision on auto coverage. If you happen to be young or you have not been driving for very long, you are automatically placed in a higher risk pool of clients.

Insurance companies see lack of experience driving as a major risk factor. As such, the insurance providers will always charge more for coverage for younger drivers.

vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra
vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra
vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra
vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra
vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra
vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra Vehicle consumer reports nissa exterra

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