Amicable divorce illinois lake country

The unemployed gubernatorial candidate has been ordered to pay more than $12,000 in child support.

But my courtroom experience with family law has prepared me to be a tough litigator for my clients no matter what they are up against.

Dealing with a family issue, your top priority is likely getting through the situation as quickly and painlessly as possible. Having focused on handling Family Law matters throughout my career, I have the skills to handle whatever is needed to help families move forward.

Divorce in Florida

My clients can count on me to provide honest, transparent legal guidance and representation that they can trust. For over a decade now, I've helped many families across Northeast Illinois navigate the legal system and find solutions to their problems. When it comes to your case, I will always provide compassion, honesty, and kindness while striving to secure the best possible outcome. Practice Areas Family Law. Child Support.

When to Get a Divorce in Illinois

Fighting for the Best Possible Outcome. My goal is to treat you with kindness and respect.

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Together, we can work toward a solution that can help everyone move forward. You deserve an experienced attorney on your side. If your spouse hires a lawyer, the talking is done between the lawyers. You'll avoid the problem of "the waltzing goalposts. With a lawyer on retainer, however, those shenanigans never start.

Issues will be clarified right away. If your lawyer runs into a snag along the way, there's a judge in the courthouse who can unclog the jam and get things moving, again. If you're not sure whether you want to file for divorce, but fear your spouse may file for divorce in a different county, we can file a Praecipe in the preferred county to secure the venue.

If you reconcile, we can drop the case without ever filing a Petition. You can instruct your lawyer to wait before notifying your spouse. This period of silence can last only for 30 days. Again, talk with your attorney to determine the best way to proceed in your situation. The "Dear John" Letter : Unless your case involves violence or urgently must be presented to the court for some pressing financial or other reason, your attorney will probably notify your spouse by letter that a divorce case has been started.

The "Dear John" letter is usually cordial and businesslike in tone — it merely says that you've hired an attorney, a case has been filed and includes a copy of the papers and that a negotiated settlement would be the best course for everyone. The letter suggests that your spouse consult an attorney and respond to the letter. The letter goes something like this:. Your spouse has hired me to represent her and her interests. She has explained that she wishes to resolve this case amicably and hopes you join her in that wish.

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Enclosed, you will find a copy of the paper I filed with the court. Please contact me to discuss a harmonious resolution to the business at hand. You may wish to review this letter and the enclosures with an attorney. I hope to hear from you or your attorney, soon. We usually don't have to do this -- just sending a Dear John letter will usually get the other side to respond or hire an attorney. Once the papers are served by a process server the clock starts ticking and your spouse has only 30 days to file papers with the court.

Just mailing the papers with the Dear John letter, or sending them via Fed Ex or e-mail or fax or whatever isn't good enough to start the clock. When you use the Dear John letter, the clock doesn't start ticking at all. For that reason, we give the Respondent a week or so to respond to the letter and, failing that, then we send out the process server.

A court date will be scheduled so that you and your attorney — and your spouse and his or her attorney — can talk with the judge about where things stand and what needs to be done. Sometimes at this first court-date, your spouse will show up without an attorney and explain that more time is needed to hire a lawyer. Judges hate to force anyone who wants a lawyer to go forward in court without representation. The case will almost certainly be continued for another thirty days.

This may happen a few times and your case may be stalled by your spouse's inability refusal or procrastination to hire a lawyer. There's little you can do to prevent the delay — if the judge is willing to let the case lag, the case is going to lag. The stay prohibits either party from:. If you want any kind of an injunction beyond those two things, you're going to have to go to court and get an Emergency Order of Protection , an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order , a Preliminary Injunction , or an Injunction.

What kinds of things would you want to cover?

A Simplified Process For Divorce

Finding the Right Judge: Believe it or not, a good lawyer can help get your case in front of a judge who may be good for you and not-so-good for your spouse. It used to be that some attorneys would try to lock in a particular judge by starting a case with an Ex Parte Emergency Order of Protection. After the ex parte EOP had been entered, the attorney would then argue that the case had to stay in front of that particular judge -- you know, the one before whom the Respondent had been tarred and feathered -- because "substantive issues" had been presented in the EOP.

That practice got a lot of mileage until the law was changed giving the Respondent the right to change judges even after an ex parte EOP had been heard and ruled on -- so long as the request is "timely presented. Scroggins , Ill. The attorneys usually try to work out an agreement to make sure everything gets taken care of without resorting to court.

Absent an agreement resolving temporary finances, the parties end up before the judge. Are you receiving too little child support or paying too much? Are you considering a court order to compel a former spouse to make good on support obligations? Are you an unwed birth mother who feels you are owed child support? Denis M. Gravel works hard to clarify any confusion you may be feeling about income-based state calculations for child support, and how they can be modified, based on sudden changes in circumstance. He welcomes your questions and answers them promptly and thoroughly.

He is your guide, sounding board and source of strength throughout the legal process.

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When it comes to child support, your needs will continually evolve and change. You need a plan that reflects your current situation. To speak with lawyers who show true passion for what they do, arrange your free initial consultation with Denis M. Call today — We welcome your email message.

Child Support and Modification | Gurnee Divorce Attorney | Lake County

His firm truly cares about you and he is an excellent, honest and upfront attorney. I was very proud to have his firm represent me in my divorce. I walked into Denis' office scared and unsure of how to proceed during this difficult time. Denis and his staff put my mind at ease.

amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country
amicable divorce illinois lake country Amicable divorce illinois lake country

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