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Past events: Halloween Order an existing marriage license Click here to order an existing Marriage License online or by mail. Apply for a marriage license Click here to apply for a marriage license online.

Please note, the application online is for your convenience only. Both applicants must come into our office to complete the process and receive your marriage license. Should you wish to print a copy of the application and bring it with you, fill out the printable marriage license form instead of the online form. There are two pages to the application.

They are filed at the Superior Court clerk's office of the county in which the divorce was granted. Arrest records are public records. They may include detailed information about the person arrested, the incident leading to the arrest and the victim. These records can be closed if their release would endanger an ongoing investigation or public safety.

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If the person arrested is found innocent of the charges, he or she may ask to have the record sealed and claim they have never been arrested. Postal address information is not a matter of public record through the U. The Change of Address form carries a notice that the information you provide may be used by others.

Clerk-Recorder | Nevada County, CA

USPS assumes you have read this warning and consent to the release of your information. If you move and fill out a permanent Change of Address form, the information is sold by USPS to mailing list, direct mail and credit bureau companies through its National Change of Address NCOA system to help mailers update their lists. However, temporary address changes are not included in the NCOA database. If you file a permanent Change of Address form, USPS will release your new address to those who send you first class mail at the old address for up to 12 months. Victims of a threatening situation can prevent the release of his or her new address by obtaining a temporary restraining order or court order and presenting it to the Postal Service.

USPS will release Change of Address forms to someone presenting a subpoena or court order, to a law enforcement or government official for authorized purposes, or to someone who is certified to serve legal documents. Confidential Records. Some records kept by government agencies are considered confidential. For example, your tax records are private. You may have access to your Internal Revenue Service file but others do not.

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The following are some common government records which are confidential. Social welfare information such as Medicare records and Social Security information is generally confidential. However, social service agencies must supply a list of benefit recipients and their Social Security numbers to tax authorities. In addition, the federal government has a computer matching program which allows agencies to compare computerized records to verify eligibility or compliance with benefit programs.

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This program is also used to collect debts owed to the government or unpaid child support. If you apply for benefits, you must be told that the matching program is being used.

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Tax information , both federal and state, is not a public record. It is not disclosed unless:. People who file joint returns have equal access to tax records. Federal law allows the Social Security Administration and the Department of Education access to tax records to withhold tax refunds if money is owed to the government. School records are usually confidential. Persons over age 18 must authorize the release of their school records before they can be viewed by others including parents. The records can be released without consent to:.

Parents have the right to inspect all records a school has about their child if the child is under 18, and to request that any errors be corrected. In California, noncustodial parents and foster parents have the right to view a child's records. However, only custodial parents may challenge its content or consent to its release. Adult students have the same rights as parents of minor students. Schools must keep a log, open only to parents and school officials, which lists those who have received information from a student's record and how the information was used.

County Clerk Recorder

The school may release directory information about students. But parents or the student if over 18 must be notified as to the type of information to be released. Parents have the right to block the release of the information by notifying the school of their objection. Usually a notice dealing with this issue is sent home at the beginning of the school year.

Public library records are confidential under the California Public Records Act. All registration and circulation records of any library which receives public funds may only be disclosed for library employees to do their job, by order of a superior court, or if the person authorizes the release. Confidential data includes information provided to receive a library card and a list of the materials that have been borrowed.

Records of fines and statistical reports are not confidential. Privately funded libraries may not have the same privacy protection as those which receive public funds. You may want to request a copy of the facility's policies. Criminal history information compiled by local and state criminal justice departments is not public in California. Address confidentiality programs.

California offers the Safe at Home program to provide confidential address protection for individuals who must keep their home address private because of personal safety issues. Victims of domestic violence and stalking, employees and volunteers of reproductive health care clinics, and others whose safety is at risk can apply for the California Safe at Home program.

At least 35 other states offer similar address confidentiality programs. A confidential marriage license is valid for ninety 90 days. It can be used anywhere in California. A couple must sign under penalty of perjury that they are over 18 years of age and currently living together as spouses.

A copy of the marriage license may be obtained only by the party A or party B. The document is confidential, the clerk may indicate whether a confidential license has been issued, but no other information may be given except to the party A or party B. Expands who may solemnize marriages in California to include: a former member of the Legislature or constitutional officer of this state or a former member of Congress from this state or a person that holds or formerly held a city or county elected office.

Clerk-Recorder Division

For each county, the county clerk is designated as a commissioner of civil marriages. The commissioner of civil marriages may appoint deputy commissioners of civil marriages who may solemnize marriages under the direction of the commissioner. Civil marriage ceremonies are performed on a limited basis through the Clerk-Recorder Office, Friday from a.

Fees must be pre-paid and are non-refundable. For current civil marriage ceremony fees, click here.

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Civil marriage ceremonies are performed in Spanish on the first Friday of the month through the Clerk-Recorder Office. Friday from a. You may purchase a certified copy after the ceremony has been performed and has been recorded at the Clerk Recorder's office. For the instructions and application for a certified copy of a public or confidential marriage license, click here. The Stancounty. Com website has been translated for your convenience using translation software powered by Google Translate.

Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace human translators. Translations are provided as a service to users of the Stancounty. Com website, and are provided "as is. Some content such as images, videos, Flash, etc.

The official text is the English version of the website. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translated website, please refer to the English version of the website which is the official version.

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  5. marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california
    marriage license search publicx records california Marriage license search publicx records california

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