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Sanders, hence any NSP license plates issued hence with number 31 are considered a "sample" or "gift" number from the NSP in honor of the former executive of the NSP from its earliest days. During this time and believed to be around , a new state government license plate was issued for all state vehicles in Nebraska. Most of these types used by NSP were in the series.

In , the Nebraska State Patrol celebrated 50 years in service to the citizens of the Cornhusker State. In commemoration of this milestone, the NSP created a 50th Anniversary license plate to honor the occasion.

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The plate was identical to the previous issue with the excpetion of a step border instead of a painted raised border, and a yellow-colored scroll beneath the NSP emblem that said: " 50 Years of Service- ". The plates were displayed until the 60th Anniversary in In , the Nebraska State Patrol celebrated 60 years in service. As a result, they conducted a fleet-wide issuance of 60th Anniversary license plates as the previous issue had spent ten years exposed to 24 hour duty and the elements of the state.

The new plates were identical to the previous issue with the exception of a red-colored scroll beneath the NSP emblem that said: " 60 Years of Service- " and the numerals painted in dark blue instead of red. These plates were run by NSP marked vehicles until In , the Nebraska State Patrol replaced the 60th Anniversary license plates with an all-silkscreened version of the previous issued license plate. The plate carried the same format and colring as the previous issue but had no embossing whatsoever.

The upper ight hand corner of the plate has two lines of blue characters which indicate a state inventory reference. These plate were used by the NSP until For the 75th Anniversary of the NSP, special "retro" plates reminiscent of the plates were issued as an all-silkscreened version of those earlier plates.

The plates were all-silkscreened and had a subdued step-border. They were colored reflective white over black. The lower center of the plate has in white with miniaturized numerals in white in the lower corner of the plate and an inventory numberin the lower right also in white. Commemorative souvenir license plates on this base plate were also issued. The Nebraska State Patrol comprised of twelve motorcycles in and utilized regular motorcycle license plates through the phase-out of motorcycles in the 's. The plates were issued annually.

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No other information is known. Toggle navigation. Embossed aluminum. White over red. Unknown if there was a reserved number bloc for State Patrol. Courtesy Wayne Griel State Car issue. White over black.

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Believed that only series issued to State Patrol. Yellow-orange over black. Possibly deep yellow over black. Courtesy Monty McCord. Type used by NSP but with assignment number up to series. Some pool patrol vehicles did get issued higher numbers such as this one up to around when the whole fleet converted to the NSP graphic issue. Circa State Government issue.

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Dark blue over off-white. Number in series. Courtesy Robert Ward. Circa First agency-specific graphic issue. Later issue with larger and squarer dies for numerals. Courtesy Tony Aleria Circa issue with Golden Anniversary license plate frame prior to release of 50th Anniversary base plate. This provides you with sufficient time to bring your vehicle to the DMV to be registered.

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The following are some of the plates available:. You can look up available plate numbers in Nebraska online. Please see the Nebraska DMV for more information. People with disabilities can apply for special plates and placards that permit them to park in disability parking spaces through the community. Alternatively, disability placards are issued to people with temporary and also permanent disabilities. Disability placards must be hung on the rear view mirror.

Failure to do so can lead to ticketing and other penalties by the state. Recently acquired vehicles and out-of-state vehicles must be registered with the DMV within 30 days. You can register in person by visiting a local office.

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All registered vehicles in Nebraska must display registration stickers on their rear license plates. Before the date issued, you must renew your vehicle to avoid unnecessary late fees. After you have paid any required renewal fees, you will receive new registration stickers which you can place over the old ones.

If you purchase a new vehicle which is titled in your name, you are able to transfer your old license plates. Additionally, you are permitted to register your vehicle in your spouses name and use the same set of license plates. You cannot sell your license plates when you sell, donate, or auction your vehicles. Your plates remain your property. If you sell your vehicle and no longer require your license plates, you must surrender them to the DMV in Nebraska. You can either surrender them in person or mail them to a local office. You must file for a refund with the DMV to be issued any monetary returns.

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If your license plate becomes lost or stolen, you can apply for replacements with the DMV. You must go to the office in person and provide:. You should contact the police and file a report in the event that your license plates were stolen. This may not be required, but it helps prevent abuse.

find nebraska vehicle license numbers Find nebraska vehicle license numbers
find nebraska vehicle license numbers Find nebraska vehicle license numbers
find nebraska vehicle license numbers Find nebraska vehicle license numbers
find nebraska vehicle license numbers Find nebraska vehicle license numbers
find nebraska vehicle license numbers Find nebraska vehicle license numbers

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