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For each request to receive the full file of death information , you must tell us:.


We will review your request to determine whether we have the applicable authority to provide the full file of death information to your agency. Finally, reimbursement for developing and maintaining the exchange is generally required. We will recoup all costs computer program development costs and ongoing processing costs associated with your service. The costs are subject to change to reflect actual costs in subsequent years. We sorted the sample so that entry into a group required personal identifiers of progressively less importance, while the upper end of the range was 1 point less than the floor of the immediately preceding group.

To determine their importance, we dropped day of birth and month of birth from the next group range, — As a further test of day of birth and month of birth, the fourth group maintained these but dropped the last name, while the fifth group retained month of birth but dropped day of birth and excluded names.

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The sixth group is a test of Social Security number, the seventh group is a test of first and last names and date of birth, and the eighth and ninth groups are tests of progressively less information. We chose all cases in a group if the group was small or a random sample if the group was large Table 1. Using the free, publicly accessible SSDI, we checked each person within each group. We first entered the Social Security number.

If the Social Security number was not recognized by SSDI or seemed to apply to a different person, we entered last name and first name. Because many names are fairly common, entering last name and first name sometimes produced a large number of potential matches.

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On the basis of the percent correct in each of the selected samples, we extrapolated the number expected to be correctly identified in the original group. Good agreement was found on values of and over, with the exception of values — For our analyses, it is a given that there is a match on sex. In the group with scores of —, only one case had a score of , and this person was not a match.

☛ Can you look up a deceased person's Social Security number?

Indeed, of the cases individually checked, at least 9 Social Security numbers appeared to be inaccurate, with numbers transposed, or apparently those of a spouse, a parent, or an unrelated individual. By using the best matching categories score ranges, — and — and assuming that the randomly selected cases are representative, 1, cases would be identified as deceased without further checking.

Of these, or The Social Security number was found to be a necessary, but not sufficient, requirement for a match. The addition of last name with minimal additional identifiers as seen in group — was found to be inadequate. This group, however, was rare 5 instances out of 3, candidate matches. Possibly when the last name is present, other identifiers are present also.

The addition of last name, together with some other unique information first name, day of birth, and month of birth , or Social Security number with day of birth and month of birth was, however, likely to provide a good match.

Using the Social Security Death Index - Young Marr Law Firm

They included a transposition error and identification of a spouse, a parent, or somebody quite different. Our cohort was born before Social Security was instituted, some in particular, women may not have worked outside the home and so did not obtain personal Social Security numbers, and others may have worked in occupations that were not included in Social Security at that time. Some may be entitled to Medicare through a spouse and so present the spouse's number as their own.

Such conditions create problems in identifying people by Social Security number alone.

Use The SSDI Search For Family History Research

With certain exceptions state employees in certain states, railroad retirees , Social Security numbers are now required for all and are issued to newborns. Accurate matching for those born more recently should therefore be easier. Additional issues may create problems for matching. It is unclear whether this reflects inaccuracy by EPESE interviewers, by persons completing the death certificate, or informant error. In none of these cases were source documents birth certificates or derived sources driver's license, passport consistently checked.

So, interviewer error, subject error, and entry error may all be implicated, not just for dates of birth, but for the Social Security number also. Nevertheless, parsimonious information Social Security number plus additional personal information could adequately distinguish survivors from decedents. In epidemiologic studies, the NDI is commonly used to identify survival status, date of death, and death certificate-determined cause of death, all matters of importance when planning health services for an aging society.

Free Social Security Death Index Search

Although matching is often mentioned, the criteria and their level of accuracy are rarely indicated. It is important that such matching be accurate, and it is helpful if the criteria used are readily available and easy to apply. We offer an approach that meets these requirements. Working with these state offices, the National Center for Health Statistics NCHS established the NDI as a resource to aid epidemiologists and other health and medical investigators with their mortality ascertainment activities.

You should receive a letter or e-mail approving your repeat request within 2 weeks. You can then submit your new files for your next NDI search in the same manner as the first submission.

How are death records matched with user records? To qualify as a possible record match, both records must satisfy at least one of seven conditions or matching criteria, and the specified data items must agree on both records. How much will the service cost? Fees for the NDI Plus service are slightly higher. Are discounts provided for large volumes? If you are considering submitting more than , records for an NDI search, you may be eligible for our fee discounts for large record volumes.

social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access
social security death index free access Social security death index free access

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