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Main Road, Onchan Post Office 3. Northern Delivery Office, Ramsey 4. Kirk Michael Post Office 5. Peel Post Office 6. Shoprite, Derby Road, Peel 7. Spar, Colby 8. Castletown Post Office 9.

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Port Erin Post Office Main Road, Crosby Post Box Laxey Post Office Millichaps, Parliament Street, Ramsey. These boxes are not highlighted in green but do have the extra Monday collection listed. I either have to walk a couple extra blocks from my bus or get to my local post office somehow.

Campus mail is not reliable. They put mail in the box but do not look to see if there is outgoing mail. There is no separate outgoing mail slot. Are collection boxes that have been removed and no longer in service obtainable through usps Thanks you, Harry. I live is rural Greer, SC, and feel that a central mail collection box would be a wonderful convenience. How does one petition USPS, or the local branch, to consider installing a secure collection box?

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I use your collection boxes in the Palm Beach gardens, fl location. The day i went their were not enough parking spaces and it was raining. Thus causing a delay for sending my mail out. Is there a list where these receptacles are being moved it?

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I made a big mistake of dropping a letter in the slot at one of the little substations USPS has for people to use PO boxes. I thought the box was actually serviced, as it was marked with pick-up hours. But now, almost a month later, my doctor's office never received the payment. It is charged to an HSA debit card, so now if someone eventually has that letter fall into their hands, they have all the info to use that credit card. The reason I used this collection box is because it was near where I was running an errand.

I now have to plan my errands to revolve around finding a collection box. There used to be a drive-through, that was removed. Now you have to drive into a parking garage, park, and walk up steps into a condo building where the new station is located. Not pedestrian or handicap friendly. I live in an apartment complex with almost units and our box was removed a decade ago as being "underused". When you have to look for an app to locate a damn mailbox, this is a sign of an agency whose apparent goal is to eliminate customers.

This box is often so full I can easily stick my hand in to grab stuff out, so I drive to another location which is about 3 miles away. May I suggest a collection box with pull down opening somewhere around the perimeter of Reunion Park Parkside Drive, Commerce City, This would be super helpful to our fast growing neighborhood. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The blue postal mailbox in our subdivision is in need of a paint job. I don't know how many people use it but I do. Its terribly faded. If you can't paint, how about a new one. Thank you. How can we get a collection box back into the neighbor hood. There use to be one but now it's gone.

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I drove around in the area and didn't find a collection box for about a mile. The Mailbox that has been in my neighborhood since before I was born was recently removed. It served a small community in Miami, FL, but was always there and used it about once a month. It is preposterous to remove these recepticles that we rely on. How do we petition to bring them back? Would like to purchase old collection mailbox for our vfw to collect old flags that must be taken care of the proper way commander post Baltimore md thank you. Hey Sam, we are looking for a receptacle container for the exact same purpose.

Our American Legion would like to collect old flags and have the local Boy Scouts get involved with their disposition. We are looking for a drop box also Amy lead would be appreciated.. Hello Sam, Thank you for your message. The OIG is an independent organization and the collection boxes fall outside of our jurisdiction.

However, USPS regulation states that collection boxes are not to be sold, loaned or donated. There is a nearby Blue box for my location but none in the area code. One should be at Palmyra Street which is a community anchor location with high visibility and easy access.

Looking for two metal boxes to utilize as Flag retirement depoist boxes for the local Boy Scout Troop. We get quite a few flags donated to us on a regular basis and would love to be able to have a better collection area for them. It doesn't make sense - if they are retiring the colleciton boxes as has been reported by their own office what is the USPS doing with the boxes.

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Are they rotting in a government surplus yard somwhere. If you have any luck - please share and I will do likewise.

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I find it crazy to not have a Dropbox at the actual post office locations. That's your purpose to collect mail. Is anybody listening? We need an updated collection box that is secure, connected, and alerts when there is mail. Move forward! We are trying to locate a used mail drop box that has been taken out of service to replace the one we use for a book drop at our local library.

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Can you tell me where the old "blue" boxes can be purchased? We have a used book program that supports our community library program.

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I don't have a problem with collection boxes going away. Give your mail, whatever the amount, to the Letter Carrier. If you don't want to do that, or if there is too much mail, have the office mail clerk take it to the Post Office. There are far too many whiners in society today. Times have changed.

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The lack of these drop off boxes is the reason many of us business's have been using UPS for shipping. Yes the mail carrier comes in the early morning but most overnight letters are sent after 11 am at the height of business and for me to send it USPS I would have to drive 2 miles when UPS drop box is 50 feet from my office which is located on a very busy road strip stores and business on every lot. Post office outside mail boxes were removed at belleview post office this was absolutly un called for.

This was totally un called for. I got people that are disabled asking me to help them to deposit there mail. Since was a very unneccery move please reconcider putting them back in place.

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Richard Wiczena. What is the process of requesting a collection mailbox in my community? Where's all the neighborhood Mailbox gone? But most of all, who does the USPS work for? No excuse for such a poor service. Packages often not delivered even if the tracking information says "Delivered".

I've had to literally confront our mail carrier several time to get my packages or packages mysteriously show up days later. On top of that USPS has removed outgoing mailboxes around our neighborhood. Where are we suppose to drop mail? Good luck contacting customer service.

find a mail box near you Find a mail box near you
find a mail box near you Find a mail box near you
find a mail box near you Find a mail box near you
find a mail box near you Find a mail box near you
find a mail box near you Find a mail box near you

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