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Farris was an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him as he done a great job with my case. Contact info website facebook linkedin. My experience with your law firm was a very positive one. My attorney Jess Hoeme was very professional, knowledgeable, and always punctual when he said he'd call back or get information back to me.

He worked with my parents and I as if I was his only client, which made the experience much more comfortable. He is a caring, personable individual who knows his business well. I pray I never have to contact your firm again, but if I do need legal assistance, I plan to contact your firm.

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Thank you very much for being there for me. Ross was outstanding!

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He made what was an nightmare experience and helped me navigate the legal system and was a true advocate for me and what was right!!! Hands down the best legal team in town and I would recommend this firm to anyone we need legal help!! Boyd McPherson was my attorney for my divorce and I was very impressed with his professional demeanor and knowledge of family law.

He was timely with his correspondence, and never steered me wrong in decisions we made during the proceedings. I highly recommend him for anyone going through a divorce. I would highly recommend Stinson Lasswell and Wilson.

We Are A General Practice Firm With An Emphasis On Family Related Matters.

They fight for your rights. Ward was very helpful through the process of my divorce. It was important to me that the proceedings be handled quickly and as "nice" as possible. The collaborative process Ms. Ward uses made it a much smoother process than I expected. Other Top rated experts located in Wichita Dentists.

DUI Lawyers. We can ask for notification when charges are filed to avoid police executing an arrest warrant at your home or work. We can arrange for bail and walk you through the process. Court proceedings before trial There are several opportunities to win a criminal case before a trial.

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None should be passed by. Charges can be dismissed. Evidence can be suppressed because it was obtained in violation of your constitutional or statutory rights. There may have been errors in the way the evidence was processed or stored that make it inappropriate for admission or of little value in proving a case against you.

Prosecution experts can and should be challenged. Motions should be filed that attack the way the prosecution intends to present its case to a jury. Plea offers Virtually every criminal defendant faces a decision of whether to go to trial or accept a plea offer.

T. Lynn Ward, Ward Law Offices in Wichita, Kansas

This can be a difficult and gut-wrenching decision. You need an attorney who will give you candid advice about your chances of getting a charges dismissed for defect, excluding key evidence, or winning at a trial. You also need an attorney who understands the collateral consequences associated with various convictions who can advise you regarding the costs and benefits of your options.

Plea negotiations should consider much more than the length or nature of the sentence; they must address registration, eligibility for certain programs in incarceration, eligibility for expungement, and numerous other issues specific to the facts of your case and your individual circumstances.

Trial No matter what case you take to trial, you want a well-respected trial attorney who has won major criminal jury trials. There are plenty of attorneys who have taken a large number of cases to jury trial. That does not tell you much. How many have they won? Did they mount a serious defense? Various entities exist that provide such peer review ratings. Please feel free to research our ratings. Sentencing If your case concludes with a plea agreement or guilty verdict, you must proceed to sentencing.

Providing Legal Guidance & Support with Aggressive Confidential Representation

The vast majority of sentencing hearings are less than 30 minutes and entail attorneys and judges simply going through the motions. The only time that you will find our attorneys participating in such a hearing is when we have arranged an agreement in advance of sentencing that gets the best possible result. If a sentencing agreement cannot be reached, your attorney should file the appropriate motions for a departure, variance, or border box sentence. A contested sentencing hearing should include evidence. The judge should be provided with a sentencing memorandum, letters of support, expert reports, and information about your progress—through a treatment program or otherwise.

Witness testimony may be appropriate. A good attorney considers a sentencing hearing as important as a jury trial.

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Appeals You may be entitled to appeal your conviction or sentence for review by a higher court. If you do appeal, you need an attorney who understands the process and the differences between district and appellate court practice. The bulk of the appellate process occurs on paper. Some attorneys may put on an excellent performance in the courtroom but be unable to convey the same powerful message in written briefs. Our criminal defense team is experienced in written and oral advocacy. Expungements Many convictions can be expunged three to five years after your sentence has been completed.

The effect of an expungement is to seal the records related to your criminal case so that they are not available to the public. An order of expungement also permits you to say, under most circumstances, that you have not been convicted of the expunged crime.

Expungement also applies to arrests and diversions. Even if you have not been convicted of a crime, your arrest record and filings associated with a deferred prosecution are public information and available through online background search databases. Especially during job searches, many people would prefer that this information not be so easily accessible.

An order of expungement can seal these records, too. Perhaps the most critical decision you make when charged with a crime is who to hire as your criminal defense attorney.

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  • We have defended indictments for mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, medicare and medicaid fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and income tax evasion. Federal agents and local police frequently begin investigations by seizing home and business computers. Police assume that a large amount of cash means that drugs are somehow involved and can seize the cash even when there is no hard evidence of a connection to drug trafficking. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation at our Wichita law office, contact us online or call Please enter a valid email address.

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    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas
    Best divorce lawyer in wichita kansas

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