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When a phone company switches your service to them, without your written or oral request, is called slamming. Though heavy fines are imposed by FCC, still many carriers do this by various means including talking to anyone in the household, asking you to fill in sweepstakes and etc. However, LDPost does not switch your service unless you authorize us to do so with a third party verifier which will protect your interest and ours.

All third party verifications are recorded for mutual protection. Yes we do. The rate for the Number service will be the same. If you have a toll free number or you wish to have a new one, please discuss it with our customer service representative. Are there any monthly fees involved?

Any surcharges associated with each call? Is there any minimum amount of usage as part of your services? Any hidden charges? There are no monthly fees or surcharges when your monthly usage is more than minimum usage requirements.

FCC authorized tax will be added to the usage. The tax rate varies from state to state. This charge will be credited to you, upon request.

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The long distance telephone service for residential or commercial customers is available only in the United States of America. You may use post-paid calling cards in some other countries or sign for the International Callback service. You can use it and see.

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There is nothing for you to lose as this is a quality service. Customer service and other details will be available in the bill you receive after you have signed up for this service. You can contact customer service for assistance whenever you need to. Customer service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week by toll free number.

Promoting a business, cause or event?

All you have to do is call the customer service number. You can re-apply by submitting a request for a new telephone number.

Absolutely not. There are no charges for cancellation, changes or for adding new telephone numbers. I am not the owner of the phone, but I am an authorized user of the phone. Can I sign up for your services? You can make the change if you are an authorized person. Home U. CLICK for details! For anyone who lives outside the U. We also offer money-saving international cell phone service! Prepaid Global Calling Cards. Long Distance Service.

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International long distance calling card search
International long distance calling card search
International long distance calling card search
International long distance calling card search
International long distance calling card search

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