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In , we developed a comprehensive Global Workplace Safety strategy to highlight the five key focus dimensions that will enable us to achieve our vision of zero injuries. Each year, we will establish new initiatives under each of the focus areas to make progress toward this vision. Senior leadership plays an important role in instilling safety throughout the GM culture. Workplace safety is a criterion for senior leadership performance reviews. We also initiated the process, which will be implemented in , for tying safety performance to executive compensation.

A framework was created to link lagging and leading metrics to drive improvement in corporatewide safety culture. Lagging metrics will incorporate performance in fatalities, permanent disabling injuries and lost work injuries.

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As part of our end-to-end approach to safety, GM engages leaders in every function to demonstrate safe behaviors for their teams and conduct risk assessments to address potential hazards. Global Safety Week, as well as other events year-round, help leaders educate employees on safety topics.

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Hazard recognition also was included in our training programs for new hire and summer intern programs. Hazards identified are captured through our reporting systems, which include our employee safety concern process, safety tours or safety conversations. During , 3, unsafe acts and conditions were reported and addressed.

During Global Safety Week, the South America Manufacturing Leadership challenged all employees to identify new hazards, and over 3, potentially unsafe conditions were identified. The system uses global procedures, performance standards and technical standards to reinforce goals and objectives and behavioral expectations for safety.

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The five main components of the PDCA cycle are broken down into 18 individual elements. Performance standards establish the minimum global requirements to manage specific hazards common to GM sites. A subset of performance standards are technical standards, which provide additional technical details for effective implementation of a performance standard.

Both performance and technical standards are mandatory for all GM operating units. Our performance and technical standards include, for example, standards to manage confined space entries, electrical safety, hazardous energy control, fall hazards and pedestrian and mobile vehicle interaction. Some of these standards are also focused on having healthy working environments for our employees, like ergonomic programs, noise control and indoor air quality programs.

Ergonomically correct workspaces are a priority at manufacturing facilities around the world.

The NHTSA reports nine crashes and two injuries related to the issue.

All workspaces at manufacturing facilities must meet ergonomic criteria, and job positions are evaluated using screening tools like Risk Factor Checklist, Global Ergonomic Screening Tool, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Lifting Equation and the Occupational Repetitive Action tool. During , our operational units matured the implementation of the WSS. We also created and operationalized a validation process to identify systemic opportunities and developed gap closure plans to promote continuous improvement of the process. Data-Driven Decisions Data Dimension Accessible, easy-to-analyze global safety data promotes data-driven decisions.

In , GM launched a new Safety Analytics Dashboard to access global performance data for analysis, replacing a patchwork of disconnected data collection systems. In addition, a new data management system was developed for reporting all safety information, including predictive leading metrics audit, inspection and risk mitigation data.

Safety Contract Management Risk Mitigation Dimension We aspire to do business with companies that share the same commitment to returning people home safely.

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Historically, most fatalities and severe injuries suffered on GM sites have involved contractors. In , GM expanded the scope of safety contract management to include all service providers, not just construction.

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We participated in a safety contract management key contract symposium to directly engage contractors in our safety requirements. For example, she said, that hypothetically faulty wire harness might cause problems with, say, the power steering. GM seeks to tackle that issue before building the car to avoid a recall later. GM said its changes are working, but the data proving it is inconclusive, some experts said. The number of recalls GM has issued in recent years is down, but the reported number of recalls or affected vehicles may be just one indicator of whether GM is improving its response to potential defects, said Robert Levine, senior manager in Stout Risius Ross in Royal Oak.

Stout specializes in automotive recall data analysis and consulting. These U. Levine said the NHTSA data show that GM is basically in line with other large manufacturers for the number of recalls issued after GM brands, for the most part, come in mixed on the J. Power U. Initial Quality Study. The study is based on responses from buyers of new model-year vehicles who were surveyed after 90 days of ownership.

Out of 32 brands, Chevrolet was ranked sixth and Buick 11th. But GMC and Cadillac came in at 12 and 17 respectively. The rankings are an improvement from when Chevrolet was seventh, Buick 11th, GMC 17th and Cadillac ranked 21st out of 33 brands. Power also measures vehicle dependability during the past 12 months by original owners of three-year-old model-year vehicles.

Global Safety Week is Sept. Not everyone knows how seriously we take this. An ignition switch.

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